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Who are we? What do our clients say?

Who are we? What do our clients say?


Who are we?

Acumen is a group of associates with over seventy years of consulting and facilitation experience in managing change and getting results.

Our difference is that we have 'walked the talk' - we have run businesses, working as Executives, General Managers, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers and Human Resources Directors to learn what works and what doesn't in the real world. You will benefit from our experience. 


   David      Loretta   Saul   kendallg    barryp

 David Wilson-Dowse     Loretta Tolnai        Saul Brown            Kendall Goddard        Barry Poppleton


Utilising Leading Research and Industry Best Practice

We draw on leading research in psychology and neuroscience, leadership and business, and use industry leading best practices. We will provide you with a list of our research that underpins the modules that we run. We have qualified Pyschotherapists, Executive Coaches, and Emotional Intelligence coaches on staff that are fully accreddited in the Psychometric tools that we administer.


What do our clients say? 

'Opened my eyes to new ways of building trust with my clients. We have won business as a result of this training'

Account Manager, Pharmaceuticals - Sales program


'Without a doubt, the most valuable two days training I have ever undertaken - it was really challenging at times but so supportive and instructive I really grew from the experience and am a better leader and manager as a result'

Executive, NSW Government Department - Leadership Conversations program


'Brilliant - I would jump at the opportunity to work with such wise, experienced and professional facilitators again'

Ben Perry, Manager, Business Performance KPMG


'After the Presentation Mastery program, I was able to grab the audience's attention, and hold them spellbound for an hour. My peers said i delivered a standout presentation. During the whole session our sales force was energised, engaged and interactive. I enjoyed the session, confident in what was coming next." 

Sean Cadogan - Sales Director, KONE Australia - Presentation Mastery program


'I started with a video persona that was fluent but flat. You showed me that my messages were good but not engaging. Over the four sessions you’ve deconstructed and reconstructed me on camera painlessly and in a way that was a whole lot of fun. What I say now really cuts through and captivates the audience - Thank you Acumen team - it’s been great working with you and I look forward to many further collaborations.." 

Liane Ringham - Managing Director, Inside Story - Presentation Foundations Program

"In a world dominated by static emails, this course reinvigorated my love for person-person communication & has given me the tools to succeed at it everytime. Thankyou!" 

Cameron McCook - Sales Account Manager, Same Same - Sales Conversations

"The Sales framework gave me a simple, powerful framework to engage with my key accounts. Using the discovery and challenging skills I won a deal that otherwise would have been lost." 

Marco Clerici - Senior Account Manager, Miele - Sales coaching

"Helping people to discover their natural ability to sell was a great resource for us. You gave my team some simple yet really effective tools to focus on and that we can use as a template in important sales opportunities." 

Grytt Young, Sales Director, Sound Alliance - Sales program


Our team have worked with many blue chip clients including:


-  AMP 

- Alpine Group

- Australian Stock Exchange

- Commonwealth Bank

- John Holland


- Microsoft

- Miele

- Mirvac

- REST Superannuation

- Sound Alliance

- Telstra 

- Vodafone

- Westpac


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