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Sales and Business Development

Sales and Business Development



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There are many sales and business development frameworks out there, such as SPIN selling, Colllaborative selling, Targeted Account Selling, Solution Selling, and (recently) Insight Selling, amongst thousands of others.

Whatever framework your organisation uses, we are sure that you already have some very smart and effective ways of selling - that need to be captured in any sales process review. We believe that any changes to the process should be as simple as possible, flexible to suit your industry and clients, and free from ongoing royalty costs! This ensures the maximum support and adoption of the change by the sales force and the whole account facing team. 

Typically these frameworks (that can customised to suit your processes) include:   


We provide consulting, training, review and coaching on any stage of the sales process.

Our programs are flexible since they are built from individual 2-hour modules, and can be run over one or two days and tailored to your specific needs. Our difference is our insight gained from MA qualifications in psychology and high performance, and our real world experience managing teams budgets and outcomes to get business results. We have walked the talk. 

The outcomes of these programs are better relationships and results with customers, internal or external. Skills are tested in skills practice throughout the program, sharpened through individual and group coaching. Contact us for more information.




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