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The Acumen Approach

The Acumen Approach

Our consulting method



Behaviour drives results

We help your people to align behaviour to your business goals - to get better results.

When doing things differently becomes critical to success, your staff can feel tension and confusion as to HOW to change.

When your people feel that change is in their best interests, and can see HOW as well as WHAT to do, they will embrace and support it.


Specifically, we help you to build a map and execution plan to:

  • Align behaviours to (evolving) business objectives 
  • Understand the change process and where staff are at now
  • Communicate the change in a way that engages your staff to embrace and support it
  • Execute the change 
  • Re-inforce and solidify change 

Like most consultancies, we have various models that we may use. Unlike many consultancies, we won't position any solution before we ask the questions that give us your clear views, challenges and that harnesses your existing strengths. We will understand your unique issues and help you to find your own answers.

With this approach, we believe you have a better chance of managing change whilst providing the right mix of support and challenge to get the results that you need.


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We Like to Listen

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