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Leadership programs

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Leadership Conversations


As a leader you are juggling time, resources, competing priorities, and personalities - all the while accountable for getting other people to deliver results! 


How do you make sure that your leadership conversations are as effective and impactful as they can be? That you are getting the right results? That you are creating the best relationships you can while delivering on the business priorities, and that you are growing and deepening your ability to handle the different kinds of people that you manage?


The Leadership Conversations series of programs from Acumen training & consulting are based on extensive research from the World's leading business schools, as well as recent developments in Neuroscience and Psychology, to help you build strong connection with your team, and to lead and influence others in very practical ways.


The series includes:

- Effective Feedback conversations

- Effective Performance conversations

- Leading and Managing Change

- Creating High performing teams

- Coaching for Performance


These programs are built from a selection of 2 hour modules that can be customised to your needs. 

The focus in these programs is to attain real-world skills that are strengthened in skills practice throughout the program, through individual and group coaching. 

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