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Trusted Advisor programs

Trusted Advisor programs


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“We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.” 
Stephen M.R. CoveyThe SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything


Trust lies at the heart of every successful business, venture or partnership. It is crucial for account managers, relationship & channel managers, or anyone facing clients and important stakeholders. 


If Trust is present, it is an enabling element that gets things done.

If Trust is eroded, even the most brilliant strategy, product, or service will fail. 

What is Trust made of? How do you know when you've won it?

What are the specific behaviours and micro-skills we need to skillful at building Trust?

How do you know if you or your team are practicing those behaviours effectively?


The Trusted Advisor series of programs from Acumen training & consulting are based on over 20 years leading research from Maister, Green and Gaulford, Steven Covey and recent research in Neuroscience and Psychology. The series includes:


- Trusted Business Partnerships & Channel Management

- Trusted Advisor program for Account Managers

- Trusted Advisor for HR Business Partners

- Trusted Advisor for IT Professionals

- Trusted Advisor for Professional Services 

- Trusted Advisor (General)


Our programs are flexible since they are built from individual 2-hour modules, and can be run over one or two days and tailored to your specific needs. Our difference is our insight gained from MA qualifications in psychology and high performance, and our real world experience managing teams budgets and outcomes to get business results. We have walked the talk. 


The outcomes of these programs are better business performance through deeper relationships with partners or customers, internal or external. Skills are tested in skills practice throughout the program, sharpened through individual and group coaching. Contact us for more information.





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